It has long been said that forefoot running is far more efficient as you recruit far more muscles and tendons, rather than heel striking and putting huge amounts of pressure on your bones and joints.

For the last 6 months we have been trialling Newtons men’s performance neutral trainer, the Newton Gravity.

The shoes take a few weeks to transition into and get used to (typically 4 – 8 weeks depending on your running technique), whereby you may experience sore calf muscles initially. This said, that’s normally down to the runner running on their toes and straining the calf, whereas you should land more on your midfoot (just behind the ball of your foot). It should feel as though you are landing almost flat footed and that the shoe is scuffing along the ground, that way you absorb shock and get the benefits of energy return.

When used properly these shoes will help to improve your running form dramatically and can aid you in avoiding excessive pronation that can ultimately cause injuries such as ITBS.

The shoes are also used by many top athletes including several Ironman champions, which in itself says a lot!

Here is a great video on the benefits of Newtons:

The shoes come highly recommended from us so if you want to find out more visit Newton Running and check them out.

They’re not the cheapest, but certainly durable and worth the money if you can stretch to it!

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